Yup. You really can practice online.


Are you looking for the BEST tool to simulate the actual multiple choice sections of the Architect Registration Exam (ARE) administered by NCARB?

Are you looking for something you can practice online in your office, coffee shop, or mobile device?

Architect Exam Prep has the answer. mac omces

We (as in David, Eric, and Aubrey) have created the ultimate exam simulator for your needs and aptly named it OMCES, short for Online Multiple Choice Exam Simulator. OMCES is the perfect tool to use in your final weeks of preparing to take your exam.

30 Day Unlimited Access to OMCES is included in the Ultimate Whole Enchilada package and only available by purchasing the Ultimate Whole Enchilada for your chosen division. As we say, repetition, repetition, repetition is the key to success and with OMCES you can use it as much as you want for 30 days, unlike others who only allow you 24 hour access or require the purchase of tokens for each test taken (ridiculous, we know!)

OMCES for Site Planning and Design (SPD) is currently available and other divisions will be rolled out along with the respective material for each division. OMCES is the perfect tool for preparing for any division of the Architect Registration Exam (ARE).

It’s powerful, it’s awesome, and it was created for YOU!

Here’s a quick tour of what you can expect from OMCES;

omces info5

To get your access to OMCES for your division, head on over to the Exam Products page! What are you waiting for? This is an awesome tool to help you prepare for and pass any division of the Architect Registration Exam.