Transferring the PDF files to your iOS Devices

Our study guide materials have been designed to be read on your iPad and iPhone.  The steps to opening your password protected PDFs is fairly easy, but we created this step by step tutorial, just in case.
Your iPad and iPhone can easily read a PDF.  The hard part is getting the PDF files onto the actual device.  There are two recommended ways to do this and we walk you through both ways using:
1. iTunes
2. Dropbox
Note: Unfortunately, all of our study guide files are too large to email them to yourself to open on the iPad.  As a result, you won’t be able to use the built-in iPhone/iPad Mail app.  Instead, try one of the methods below.
You can copy all of the PDF files onto the iPad at once using the built-in File Sharing in iTunes.
Using your computer, you can easily transfer the PDF files to your iPhone/iPad using the built in features of iTunes.
Transferring PDF files to iOS Devices:
1. Open iTunes and plug in your iOS device.
2. In the devices Synch panel, select Apps.
3. Under “File Sharing”, select Adobe Reader
4. Drag your file(s) into the “Adobe Reader Documents” area
5. Sync your device
NOTE:  The Adobe Reader app is the only one that will be able to open our password protected PDFs.
1.  On your iPhone/iPad, download the free Adobe Reader app. 
You’ll only have to do this once.
2.  Connect your iPhone/iPad to your computer.
3.  Open the iTunes app on your computer.
4.  Click on the iPad tab in the upper right corner.
5.  Click on the Apps tab along the top.
6.  Scroll down to the File Sharing section.
7.  Click on the Adobe Reader app icon (under the list of Apps).
8.  Drag the PDFs you wish to copy from your computer to the Documents window in iTunes.
9.  The list of PDFs to be copied will appear in the list under Documents.
10.  Hit the Sync button to copy the files to your iPhone/iPad.
11.  Open the iPad, open the Adobe Reader app, and the files will appear ready for viewing.
photo 1
12.  Use the special passwords you were provided at time of purchase (via email.)

If syncing with iTunes is too annoying for you, don’t worry, there’s another way.  The Adobe Reader app can open PDF files from any application that supports the “Open In” function. This means you can easily use just about any cloud storage service that has an iOS app to sync your PDF files to your iPhone/iPad. 
If you’re using the popular file sharing service, DropBox (LINK:, just follow these steps:
1.  Copy (or Move) the Architect Exam Prep PDF files to your Dropbox folder
2.  Wait for Dropbox to finish syncing
photo 2
3.  On your iPhone/iPad, open the Dropbox app, and click on the SHARE icon.

 photo 3

4.  Select “Open in…” and choose “Open in Adobe Reader”.

photo 4

 5.  Adobe Reader will open automatically.

6.  Use the special passwords you were provided at time of purchase (via email.)