Your First 7  Steps on

Your Final Road to Licensure


number 1Download and read NCARB’s publication NCARB and YOU . This publication includes an overview of NCARB’s role in this process including through Education, Internship, Examination, and Certification.


are certification guidelinesnumber2Download and read NCARB’s Certification Guidelines updated July 2014. This is a 20 page document that replaces all previous editions of the Handbook for Interns and Architects. It describes the requirements for NCARB certification for U.S., Canadian, and foreign architects.


number3Download and read NCARB’s ARE Guidelines updated October 2014. This is a 37 page document which includes an overview of the exam divisions, exam programs, exam eligibility, and steps to taking and completing the ARE.




idpReview NCARB’s Intern Development Program (IDP) to find out more info about the requirements to complete IDP. It generally takes about three years of full time work to successfully complete the IDP program but individual results may vary.



Review NCARB’s Registration Board Licensing Requirements to check your own state board’s licensing requirements.




Many state boards allow you to begin taking the ARE before completing the Intern Development Program (IDP), a process often referred to as concurrent completion of IDP and ARE. Be sure to check NCARB’s ARE Eligibility By Jurisdiction page for additional info because you may be able to begin taking the ARE sooner than you think!


number7Establish your NCARB Record. You must have a NCARB Record to complete the Intern Development Program (IDP), the Architect Registration Exam (ARE), or apply for the NCARB Certificate.