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Are you struggling with all of the choices for materials that are available for preparing for the Architect Registration Exam (ARE) administered by NCARB?  Does the ARE5.0 Exam have you freaked out?
Are you so overwhelmed, you don’t know where to begin? tag angle

Well, relax and take a deep breath. You just discovered the most fun, engaging, and interactive resource on the internet for preparing to pass all of your ARE exams.
Architect Exam Prep to the rescue!
We (as in David & Eric) have put together the ultimate packages to help prepare you for your success. In fact, we aptly named them, the Ultimate Whole Enchilada. We have crafted and produced the Ultimate Whole Enchilada for EACH division of the AREs which consists of a Multiple Choice Study Guide, Case Study Guide, Audio Companion, Flashcards, and access to the Online Multiple Choice Exam Simulator (OMCES).
gold money backWe have created the best deal in town (and out of town too!) by assembling all of the above items into one convenient package that is available for INSTANT DOWNLOAD so you can begin studying right now! Plus we are the ONLY ARE prep company that offers a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee on any single division of our materials!  
Meet our packages for all six divisions for ARE5.0!

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Project, Planning, & Design (PPD) – 2017

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Project Development & Documentation (PDD) – 2017

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PDD all 6 page


Programming & Analysis (PA)- 2017

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PA all 6 page


Gen 2 – Construction & Evaluation (CE) – 2019

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Gen 2 – Project Management (PjM) – 2017

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Gen 2 – Practice Management (PcM) – 2018

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Nobody prepares you better for the Architect Registration Exam!

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About Architect Exam Prep LLC

We are two licensed architects who have a love for teaching and helping people get their license.  For the last decade, Architect Exam Prep has helped thousands of candidates pass their AREs through their fun and innovative study guides and coaching programs.

About the A.R.E.

The Architect Registration Examination® (ARE®) is an exam of 6 divisions used to assess your knowledge and skills regarding the practice of Architecture. Developed by NCARB, the exam is accepted by every state in the U.S. as a pathway to becoming a Licensed Architect.