Effective January 15, 2020.

We have implemented a NEW OMCES EXTENSION POLICY.

You may request (1) ONE OMCES Extension per Division. The cost of the 30 Day Extension is $49.95.
After you have utilized your first OMCES Extension, you MUST schedule a call with Eric prior to requesting a second extension. We want to find out what is going on in terms of obstacles, bad study habits, and help you get on track so we can help you make the second extension, the last one you will need!
NO SECOND Extension requests will be processed without first speaking with Eric.
Schedule your FREE Call with Eric if needed here:

IMPORTANT: Once you complete the payment, please reply to this email notifying us you made the payment so we can extend your access.

Please allow 24 hours AFTER  we receive your notification email that you made payment
for your account to be extended an additional 30 Days.

$49.95 Additional 30 Day Access to OMCES