Goal setting is very important for those of us who want to accomplish great things. It’s a great time to set your goals to help you become a Licensed Architect in 2014. And we’re here to help you achieve your goals!

episode 6

In this episode, Eric and I discuss how setting goals can help you become a Licensed Architect in 2014.

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Show Notes

Distinguishing Between Goals and Practices/Habits
Goals are milestones that you choose to achieve a desired result.
Practices and habits are the tools you develop to achieve those goals
A goal would be passing the CDS. A habit would be the study plan you create to help you pass CDS.

Don’t get overwhelmed by too many goals
Select 5-10 Goals at the beginning of the year.
Becoming a Licensed Architect can be the Primary Goal
Passing each Division of the ARE can be the Secondary Goals that when achieved move you closer to achieving the Primary Goal of becoming a Licensed Architect

Prioritizing Goals
Once you have your list of goals, be sure to put them in order of importance as not all goals will be weighted equally or applicable in the very short term

High Achievers
Often don’t reach all their goals in any give year
If I set 10 goals and only achieve 5 by the year’s end, that is still 5 goals achieved. If I didn’t set the goals, I may not have achieved any of them

Reviewing and Adjusting Goals
Goals are a living document and should be reviewed periodically.
Some goals may no longer apply to your situation

Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone
Set goals that push you outside of your comfort zone, i.e. scheduling yourself to take the CDS exam in 1 month even though you haven’t started studying.

Establishing Momentum
Creating the Goal is easy
Set easy habits and practices at the beginning of the study process to build momentum such as starting to listen to the audio companion, passive interaction

Setting a Deadline
Begin with the end in mind – selecting the exam date before you start studying
Deadlines motivate
Deadline should be specific, i.e May 28 is more specific than last week in May.

Should Goals Be Public or Private
No need to tell everyone
Tell people close to you, who will be supportive of you
No reason to share with people who won’t be supportive

Maintaining Focus
Chinese Proverb – “A man who chases two rabbits, catches none”
Keep your eye on the Goal, the final outcome
Ask yourself “why is this goal important?”
Ask yourself “what is at stake?”

Dealing With Fear
What if I don’t reach my goal?
We think we are the only ones struggling
Fear is just an emotion
Courage is moving forward in spite of fear
Remy’s snowboarding story about overcoming fear

Reviewing and Assessing Your Goals
Set aside time each month to review and assess your progress on your goals. High achievers often don’t like to do this

Celebrate Achieving Your Goals
Acknowledge achieving your goal by going to a nice dinner, day at the spa or some other special way to celebrate

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