Practice Management
(PcM) | 2021 Gen 2 – Ultimate Whole Enchilada

Practice Management (PcM) is an exam that tests your ability to operate and successfully run an architectural firm.  It’s not based on your own experiences, but on multipliers, staffing, setting fees, and operations. For most candidates, this material is so new to them that they don’t know where to start.  Expect to get scenario-based questions on the management of an Architecture practice, including professional ethics, fiduciary responsibilities, and legal issues and regulations.  This exam is 3-1/2 hours of you demonstrating all of your leaderships skills to show that you understand how to properly own, operate and manage a practice.  Luckily, we’ve got you covered.

We have put together the coolest, most comprehensive study package available, anywhere.  Plus, we’ve priced it well below the competition.  Our PcM package (which we call the “Ultimate Whole Enchilada – PcM”) includes everything you’ll need to prepare for this tough division.

It starts with a study guide that perfectly follows the structure of the actual exam and is written in clear language.  It comes with an Audio Companion so you can listen anywhere.  The 3 Case Study Guide will prepare you for the real case studies.  Plus, we include a full set of flashcards that mirror the sections of the exam and a timed exam simulator that gives you instant feedback and scoring so you’ll know when you’re ready to sit for the test.

Our study packages are reviewed and approved by NCARB, so you’ve found the exact package you need to pass!

PLUS:  we offer a 30 Day Risk-Free Guarantee cause we know how awesome our products are.  So, you can purchase this without worry.

Please note that ALL of our products are DIGITAL and available for INSTANT download only. You will not receive books or hard copies of the material.  This lets us avoid printing and shipping costs and keep our prices low.  Plus you can use these on any of your devices.  We’ve designed everything so you can print out the materials for your own personal use, or use them on your laptop, phone or tablet.

30 Day Risk-Free Guarantee
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Bailey, Colorado

I wanted to send a note to say that ARE Exam Prep has been a great help!! The study guides are formatted well. They are concise and cover the critical information. The tutorials are helpful.  What I especially love is the audio component!! It makes it so easy to squeeze in study time on my commute. That’s huge when every minute is precious while trying to juggle career, family responsibilities, and study. I have passed 3 so far!! I’m tackling BS now. Wish me luck!


New York, New York

Just wanted to let you know that I passed all of the exams and I almost exclusively used your materials. Beyond listening to the audio (once through, maybe one more time on areas I was less familiar with), I only had to spend on average about 20 hours of reading, practice exams (basically just studying the weekend before the exam) because the audio was so incredibly effective. The voice and pace are excellent and kept the material interesting. Thanks for everything!


Anchorage, Alaska

Omigosh I am SOOOO excited for the new resource to help me with my remaining 3 exams. You have a fantastic product. Your product is something well overdue for many interns seeking licensure and I am really happy to have the resource for all the newer interns in my office. In the meantime I am enjoying the podcasts (currently listening to 9 things they don’t tell you about dating an architect) LOVE this list. And I really relate to all the points….


• Over 200 Pages
• Over 20 Diagrams
• Sections based on NCARB’s PcM Exam Guide
• Read on computer, iPhone, iPad or Android devices
• Formatted for printing too

• 3 Case Studies
• 105 Questions

• Over 20 Hours of High Quality Audio
• 5 Albums! (1 for each Module)
• 21 Individual .mp3s
• Add to your iTunes Library
• Listen on iPod, iPhone, iPad or Android devices
• Listen to our Study Guide Anywhere

• Over 240 Flashcards
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• 30 Days of Unlimited Access
• Mimics the actual exam
• 300 Test Question Bank
• 3 Unique Tests Built like the real NCARB Exam)
• Test with Feedback or Without
• Practice online, iPhone, iPad or Android devices

• Audio Commentary with David and Eric