Programming & Analysis
(PA) | 2024 – Comprehensive Study Package

Programming & Analysis (PA) is an exam that tests your understanding and application of project requirements, constraints, and opportunities. Expect to get scenario-based questions on issues related to programming, site analysis, and zoning and code requirements. This exam is four hours of you applying all of your critical evaluation skills to show that you understand how to properly collect project requirements. Luckily, we’ve got you covered.

We have put together the coolest, most comprehensive study package available, anywhere.  Plus, we’ve priced it well below the competition.  Our PA study package includes all you’ll need to prepare for this tough division.  From site planning charts, to bubble diagrams, to relationship matrices, this package will get you into a “problem-seeking” mindset.  Save time and money by not needing any other supplemental materials.

The package starts with a study guide that perfectly follows the structure of the actual NCARB exam and is written in clear language.  The Audio Companion (like an audiobook) is presented alongside the guide so you can listen and follow along at the same time from anywhere.  Our audio commentary shares examples of how we apply these concepts in real life as memorable stories.  The 3 Case Study Guide prepares you for the actual case studies with project documents that look/work the same.  Plus, we include hundreds of digital flashcards that mirror the sections of the exam, plus a timed exam simulator that gives you instant feedback and scoring so you’ll know when you’re ready to sit for the test.

Our study packages were reviewed and approved by NCARB, so you’ve found the exact package you need to pass!

Your membership allows you to access this from anywhere, on any device, through our beautiful online course portal.

Please note that ALL of our products are DIGITAL and available for INSTANT access. You will not receive books or hard copies of the material.  This lets us avoid printing and shipping costs and keep our prices low.  Plus you can use these on any of your devices.  We’ve designed everything so you can print out the materials for your own personal use, or use them on your laptop, phone or tablet.

Programming & Analysis (PA)


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The Only Package You Need!

Hey, we know you’re busy, so you don’t have time to drill extra content that won’t be on the ARE anyway.

Our package outlines follow the exact NCARB Test Specification so you’re being strategic with your valuable study time.

Each of our study packages are made up of interconnected parts that work together to boost your mindset and get you thinking like an Architect.  Plus, with hundreds of pages, flashcards, exam simulator questions, and charts in each exam package, you’ll have enough material to give you clarity and understanding for even the most complex topics.  Don’t waste money buying additional packages; this is the only one you need!

Beauty + Brains with a Twist!

As Architects, we’re visual thinkers and communicators, so your study package needs to work the way your brain works.

With colorful graphics, detailed diagrams, and clear navigation, each study package is meticulously crafted for a beautiful online design experience.

You’ll relate to the information since it is designed for the way you think. Each concept will help you connect the dots between the information and putting it into practice!

Think Like An Architect!

Most candidates do not fail because of the content. They fail due to mindset.

These exams are not about cramming and memorizing a bunch of codes. You’re being tested on your professional judgment. Most people fail due to overthinking, second-guessing, misreading, mistrusting, and wasting test time.

Each of the study packages are designed around boosting your ability to make judgments. This curbs the overthinking and second-guessing and lets you get to the heart of what the questions are asking. The end of each section includes a “Mindset Matters” tool to build that judgment and get you thinking like an Architect!

What Our Candidates Are Saying…


Richmond, Virginia

I’ve been listening to your audio tracks every available moment for months and thanks to your program, I’ve passed 4 tests in 6 months. After PA, I’ve got PPD coming up on Monday… and really nervous about it. Regardless, thanks for what you do. This is an invaluable resource and I always very speak highly of it to others.


Los Angeles, California

Though I passed PcM, PjM, & CE on my own using reference materials, I hit a wall with PA and failed it THREE TIMES (yikes!) I tried your package and the Mindset Matters in each module was my secret weapon. I printed them out and looked at them every day before listening to the audio. Those keywords helped change me from seeing PA as subjective to very black and white. Passed PA and planning on doing the same with PPD and PDD!


Milwaukee, Wisconsin

I didn’t have much exposure or experience with Programming and was nervous about taking it. A buddy in my office showed me your materials and the price was right so I gave it a try! PASSED! I can’t believe it!! The charts and diagrams were super helpful, but I loved the audio. I could hear you and Eric explaining that funny story about geotech surveys and it helped me during the real exam!

Everything You Need to Know

About the Architect Exam Prep Study Package

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  • Architect Exam Prep: How to Use This Study Package
  • Architect Exam Prep: Copyright & Usage Architect Exam Prep: Terms + Conditions

About the Architect Registration Exam® (ARE 5.0)

  • About the Architect Registration Exam (ARE 5.0)®
  • Understanding What’s In the ARE 5.0 In What Order Should I Take the Exams?
  • Scheduling (or Rescheduling) Your Exam ARE 5.0 Exams Overview
  • Preparing for Your Exam
  • Taking Your Exam
  • Day of Exam Checklist
  • Study Tips
  • Exam Taking Tips

PA Course Introduction
PA Time Management
PA Quick Access

Intro to Module 1

Section 1.1 – Site Conditions
A. Introduction to Programming
B. Site Opportunities

Section 1.2 – Site Constraints
A. Environmental Site Constraints
B. Cultural Site Constraints

Section 1.3 – Sustainability
A. Sustainability Siting & Resources
B. Preserving Natural Features
C. Responding to Climatic Conditions
D. External Environmental Conditions

How to Prepare!
Mindset Matters!
Audio Commentary Module 1

Intro to Module 2

Section 2.1 – Site and Building Codes
A. Determining Codes & Regulations
B. ADA Guidelines

Section 2.2 – Zoning and Land Use
A. Zoning Requirements for Programming
B. Approval & Variance Process

Section 2.3 – Site Requirements
A. Specialty Regulations for Programming
B. Historic Preservation
C. Wetlands & Archeological Sites

How to Prepare!
Mindset Matters!
Audio Commentary Module 2

Intro to Module 3

Section 3.1 – Programming the Site
A. Applying Considerations to the Site

Section 3.2 – Site Reports & Documentation
A. Interpreting the Site Reports for Programming

Section 3.3 – Site Analysis
A. Analyzing Graphics for Programming

How to Prepare!
Mindset Matters!
Audio Commentary Module 3

Intro to Module 4

Section 4.1- Building Analysis
A. Feasibility of the Project

Section 4.2 – Programming Reports
A. Interpreting Reports

Section 4.3 – Developing the Program
A. Client Programmatic Requirements

Section 4.4 – Program Relationships
A. Stacking Vertical Relationships
B. Crisscrossing Horizontal Relationships

Section 4.5 Project Budgeting and Scheduling
A. Preliminary Pricing

Section 4.6 – Structural Alternatives
A. Evaluating Your Options
B. Selecting a Preliminary Mechanical System
C. Selecting a Preliminary Structural System

Section 4.7 – Building Programming
A. Diagramming Your Program

How to Prepare!
Mindset Matters!
Audio Commentary Module 4

Module 1: Environmental & Contextual Conditions
Module 2: Codes & Regulations
Module 3: Site Analysis & Programming
Module 4: Building Analysis & Programming

Case Study 1 – 35 Questions
PA Case Study 1: FEEDBACK
PA Case Study 1: NO FEEDBACK

Case Study 2 – 35 Questions
PA Case Study 2: FEEDBACK
PA Case Study 2: NO FEEDBACK


So, What’s in Each Study Package?

  • Detailed Study Guide

    • Over 200 Pages
    • Over 65 Diagrams
    • Sections based on NCARB’s PA Exam Guide
    • Written in clear language with fun graphics
    • Formatted for printing too

  • Audio Companion

    • Over 20 hours of high-quality audio
    • Embedded into Study Guide
    • Listen anywhere (working out, commuting, shopping)
    • Adjust speed as desired
    • Reinforces the lessons
    • Stream or Download

  • Audio Commentary

    • Hear from David and Eric
    • Listen anywhere (working out, commuting, shopping)
    • Adjust speed as desired
    • Real-world stories to anchor the topics in your mind

  • 3 Case Study Guide

    • 3 Case Studies
    • 105 Questions
    • Mimics the actual exam

  • Digital Flashcards

    • Over 240 Flashcards
    • Study anywhere
    • Bookmark your favorites
    • Digital & Printable Versions

  • Exam Simulator

    • Over 340 questions
    • Take timed or untimed
    • Take with feedback or without
    • Mimics the actual exam
    • Apply your knowledge

Programming & Analysis (PA)

Pass Rates

Architect Exam Prep 76%
Other Test Prep Providers 70%
National Average 50%

Highest Pass Rates in the Industry!

Our unique mindset approach works.

By explaining the reasons why things work the way they do, you’ll focus less on memorizing, and more on gaining clarity and understanding.

Remember: you’ve been living and breathing Architecture for years and understand the topics. Instead, let’s fix your mindset so you can pass.

Why are they so much higher?

Simply put, it’s our approach to teaching.  Rather than forcing you to drill and memorize a bunch of boring videos, we teach you how to get into the right mindset to think like an Architect.  Our mindset approach teaches you to improve your judgment so you can properly interpret the questions and pick up the clues.

People in our Platinum Coaching program report even higher pass rates, and show a 95% improvement rate (based on their scores prior to starting coaching)!

Our critically acclaimed ARE Study Packages are sold through memberships that come in 3, 6, or 12-month plans. Simply choose how much time you need. The more time you get, the bigger the discount!

You can access the study packages through our website from anywhere! If you need more help, you can add on coaching to help keep you on track so you know exactly what to study every day.

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If you only need a single exam, we even sell a 2-month single-division package!

Each study package includes: a study guide, audio companion, audio commentary, case study guide, flashcards, and unlimited exam simulator.

Many people are really good at staying disciplined and studying every day on their own. They like doing it all themselves and don’t need coaching.

Others like the structure that our Platinum Coaching provides with the daily study plans, the coaching videos, the live Zoom calls, and the ability to ask two licensed architects questions every single day. Remember that every successful person in history had a coach or mentor to help them along the way.

Plus, you can always start out on your own and add coaching later to your subscription.

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