Ultimate Whole Enchilada – Subscription Packages for All 6 Exams

The Architect Registration Exam (ARE) requires you to pass 6 exams. Although you can take them in any order at any time, most candidates tend to drag out the process for years.

We suggest you make a plan to finish all 6 within a year by taking an exam every two months.  To help you do that, we offer All Access subscriptions monthly, or save money with a 6 or 12-month plan.  Each gives you access to all 6 study packages.  The longer the subscription, the more you save per month!

LOOKING TO TACKLE PcM, PjM + CE?  Grab the 6 Month Combo: PcM/PjM/CE and take them 2 months apart.
JUST HAVE PA, PPD, AND PDD LEFT?  Grab the 6 Month Combo: PA/PPD/PDD and take them 2 months apart.
JUST STARTING?  Grab the 12-month All Access Subscription and you’re all set!

Each package includes a complete mindset-building journey. It starts with a study guide that perfectly follows the structure of the actual NCARB exam and is written in clear language.  The Audio Companion (like an audiobook) is presented alongside the guide so you can listen and follow along simultaneously from anywhere.  Our audio commentary shares examples of how we apply these concepts in real life as memorable stories.  The 3 Case Study Guides prepare you for the actual case studies with project documents that look/work the same.  Plus, we include hundreds of digital flashcards that mirror the sections of the exam, plus a timed exam simulator that gives you instant feedback and scoring so you’ll know when you’re ready to sit for the test.

Our study packages were reviewed and approved by NCARB, so you’ve found the exact package you need to pass!

Your membership allows you to access this from anywhere, on any device, through our beautiful online course portal. You can even download the audio and flashcards to take them with you!

Please note that ALL of our products are DIGITAL and available for INSTANT access. You will not receive books or hard copies of the material.  This lets us avoid printing and shipping costs and keep our prices low.  Plus you can use these on any of your devices.  We’ve designed everything so you can print out the materials for your own personal use, or use them on your laptop, phone or tablet.

Ultimate Whole Enchilada


  • Regularly $199/mo
    That’s like getting 6 Months Free!
  • Billed monthly
    Save even more paying in full
  • Get 24/7 access to all 6 Study Packages for a FULL YEAR!
  • 6 Month Combo Packages available too
  • Compare to Black Spectacles at $2490
  • Downloadable Audio + Flashcards

Platinum Coaching +
Ultimate Whole Echilada


  • Regularly $249/mo
    That’s like getting 4 Months Free!
  • Billed monthly
    Save even more paying in full
  • Get 24/7 access to all 6 Study Packages + Coaching for a FULL YEAR!
  • Includes unlimited access to ALL 6 Divisions
  • Compare to Black Spectacles at $3290
  • Downloadable Audio + Flashcards
  • + Finish In A Year
  • + Live Coaching by 2 Architects
  • + Daily Study Plan
  • + Two Weekly Live Zoom Calls
  • + Get All Your Questions Answered
  • + Free One-on-One Coaching Session ($100 value!)
  • + Highest Pass Rates!

PLATINUM COACHING: The Mentorship + Support You Need

Get through all of your exams in a year!

We developed our Platinum Coaching when it was clear that ARE5.0 was causing candidates to overthink and second-guess these questions. Using a mentorship approach, we coach you to take an exam every two months and support you along every step.

You can add on Platinum Coaching to any subscription for as little $45/month more. That gets you the daily study plans, the coaching videos, the live Zoom calls, access to our Slack workspace, and support from two licensed architects with over 30 years of experience each. Stop taking this on all by yourself!

Add Coaching to any Subscription for as little as $70/month more



Ontario, California

I’m done. I just received the email saying that I passed. I’m relieved to be finished. I took 17 tests in all. The program that Eric and David have put together along with coaching is the right combination for passing these exams. I had been a great experience. I will miss the Monday & Tuesday night calls. I have learned so much!


Tulsa, Oklahoma

Well everyone, my journey has come to an end. Passed CE, which was my final exam! This group has meant the world to me. I came in to the program thinking I was a bad test taker and after failing my first test, which I hardly studied for, I passed all 6 divisions in a row. The mindset exercises and handouts were a vital piece for me in rewiring my brain. A huge thank you to David and Eric for putting together a great program and curating the study material for us but also for creating a culture here of encouragement and empowerment.


San Francisco, California

I passed the test!!!! The last PDD!!!! I’m DONE!!! This is all thanks to you. I wouldn’t have been able to do this without you. Thank you soooo much!! You’ve been an amazing teacher.



  • All 6 Detailed Study Guides

    • Over 1600 Pages
    • Over 400 Diagrams
    • Sections based on NCARB’s Exam Guide
    • Written in clear language with fun graphics
    • Formatted for printing too

  • All 6 Audio Companions

    • Over 100 hours of high-quality audio
    • Embedded into Study Guides
    • Listen anywhere (working out, commuting, shopping)
    • Adjust speed as desired
    • Reinforces the lessons
    • Stream or Download

  • All 6 Audio Commentaries

    • Hear from David and Eric
    • Listen anywhere (working out, commuting, shopping)
    • Adjust speed as desired
    • Real-world stories to anchor the topics in your mind

  • All the 3 Case Study Guides

    • 18 Case Studies (3 each)
    • 630 Questions (105 each)
    • Mimics the actual exam

  • All 6 Sets of Digital Flashcards

    • Over 1440 Flashcards
    • Study anywhere
    • Bookmark your favorites
    • Digital & printable versions

  • All 6 Exam Simulator Banks

    • Over 2400 questions total
    • Take timed or untimed
    • Take with feedback or without
    • Mimics the actual exam
    • Apply your knowledge

Our critically acclaimed ARE Study Packages are sold through memberships that come in monthly, and 6 or 12-month plans. Simply choose how much time you need. The more time you get, the bigger the discount!

You can access the study packages through our website from anywhere! If you need more help, you can add on coaching to help keep you on track so you know exactly what to study every day.

Our All Access Subscription gets you access to all six study packages for all of the ARE exams. Simply choose a monthly, 6, or 12-month term.

The All Access + Platinum Coaching includes all six study packages PLUS our live coaching.

If you only need a single exam, we even sell a 1 and 3 month single-division packages!

Each study package includes: a study guide, audio companion, audio commentary, case study guide, flashcards, and unlimited exam simulator.

Many people are really good at staying disciplined and studying every day on their own. They like doing it all themselves and don’t need coaching.

Others like the structure that our Platinum Coaching provides with the daily study plans, the coaching videos, the live Zoom calls, and the ability to ask two licensed architects questions every single day. Remember that every successful person in history had a coach or mentor to help them along the way.

Plus, you can always start out on your own and add coaching later to your subscription.