Our very own, Eric Corey Freed made a major career move recently and began working with the Living Future Institute because, well, he wants to live in the future.

Eric made a major career move last September which also brought him to Portland Oregon. He is now working on what he considers his dream job at the Living Future Institute and heavily involved in the Living Building Challenge. We discuss the benefits of the Living Building Challenge and how there is nothing else like it.

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We take a quick look at the Top 14 Blog Posts of 2014 by NCARB. If you haven’t read these yet, definitely check them out. One of our favorites is the guest post written by YoungArchitect.com author Michael Riscica titled “Why I Studied for the ARE Everyday”. Check them out!

Things discussed in this episode

Intro Living Building Challenge
Different from LEED
As much a philosophy as a certification
7 categories, called Petals:  Place, Water, Energy, Heath & Happiness, Materials, Equity, Beauty
and 20 credits that are ALL mandatory.  Can’t pick and choose.

IMAGINE a building designed and constructed to function as elegantly and efficiently as a flower: a building informed by its bioregion’s characteristics, that generates all of its own energy with renewable resources, captures and treats all of its water, and that operates efficiently and for maximum beauty.

Bullitt Center in Seattle:  http://www.bullittcenter.org

Omega Center:  http://living-future.org/case-study/omegacenter

Hawaii Prep:  http://living-future.org/case-study/hpaenergylab

Eric would love to get you more involved in the Living Building Challenge. Eric’s suggestions:

Join as a Member (great benefits!): http://living-future.org/select-membership

Join as an Ambassador: http://living-future.org/node/44

Join our Mailing List: http://living-future.org/take-actions

Attend our Net Positive Event in January in San Francisco: http://living-future.org/netpositive

Attend our Living Future Conference in April in Seattle: http://living-future.org/unconference

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