We’re going to the top and talking to NCARB and all things 5.0!

Join Eric for a candid interview with Jared Zurn, Director of Examination as they discuss in depth topics related to 5.0. If you’re taking 5.0, this is a must listen to episode.

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Show Notes:

In this interview, you’ll hear direct from the Director of Examinations at NCARB on:

  1. The newly released passing rates for ARE5.0 and the new score sheets.
  2. Insight into how the new question types were developed.
  3. The secret advantage certain candidates will have over others when taking 5.0.
  4. How the time for each division has shortened and how to better use your time during the exam.
  5. New insights into making the transition from ARE4.0 to 5.0 and how to best study and pass the new exams!

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