Deciding between working in a small firm versus a big firm is always a difficult choice, especially when we only have experience in one and not really sure how the other one works. How do you know if you should make the switch?

In this episode, we discuss an overview of life in a big firm and compare the experience to working in a small firm. We also discuss the advantage and disadvantages of each. If you’re curious about what the culture is like or thinking about making the switch, this episode is for you!

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Show Notes:

  • tend to work on larger projects
  • more financial stability
  • more support for things like HR, office supplies, friday softball leagues (perks)
  • get to test out different project types, and move up within the firm
  • could have multiple offices, which gives you more room to move to new cities
  • brand name recognition
  • you may not get to see the entire project all of the way through.  
  • more departments, more bureaucracy, more pigeonholing.
  • little transparency in the future of the firm – you don’t know where projects or people come from.
  • see the project come in the door and go through completion
  • more responsibility and more freedom to challenge yourself and your abilities
  • introduce new ideas (i.e.:  a lunch and learn program for green building)
  • see other parts of the business (contracts, billing)
  • no scapegoating (no one else to blame!)
  • no dead weight (no room for a slacker)
  • don’t get to specialize on a certain area (can’t only do site visits or CDs)
  • stigma against small firms vs. the name brand firms
  • less benefits, less features, less perks (generally)

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