It can be quite daunting when we start our first job in a real architecture firm. There’s people running around and we’re not quite sure what they do. But we don’t have to remain in the dark any longer.

In this episode, we discuss an overview of roles and responsibilities in an architecture firm. This is a must listen to episode if your curious about all the people above you and what exactly they do.

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Show Notes:

The positions in an architecture firm can be grouped into three main categories: Entry Level, Middle Years, and Full-Fledged. We discuss them per the outline below:

Entry Level: 0 – 5 Years
  • Intern
  • Draftsperson
  • Junior Designer

Middle Years: 5 – 10 Years

  • Junior Designer
  • Job Captain
  • Senior Designer
  • Project Architect
  • Associate

Full-Fledged: 10+ Years

  • Associate
  • Partner
  • Prinicipal
  • Owner

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