“Change is inevitable. Change is constant.” – Benjamin Disraeli

A lot of buzz has been happening within the last couple of months about NCARB’s new ARE 5.0 hitting the streets in late 2016. In this episode, we discuss the overview as well as a strategy to transition from 4.0 to 5.0 that includes taking only 5 of the new 6 exams.

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Show Notes:

The existing ARE 4.0 consists of 7 divisions:

Construction Documents & Services
Programming, Planning & Practice
Site Planning & Design
Building Design & Construction Systems
Structural Systems
Building Systems
Schematic Design

The new ARE 5.0 will consist of 6 divisions which will include:

Practice Management
Project Management
Programming & Analysis
Project Planning & Design
Project Development & Documentation
Construction & Evaluation

6 all new exams
The future exam will include six divisions, and each will be standalone, single test administrations. This structure results from an effort to align the ARE with the more commonly defined professional architect activities of practice management, project management, and project design.

each division will cost $210.

No vignettes: The new structure incorporates graphics throughout the exam via new “performance item types” that have candidates perform exercises similar to what an architect does as part of regular practice. Additionally, the incorporation of case studies is anticipated to be implemented in all proposed divisions and will allow more in-depth analysis of architectural scenarios by candidates.

BUT GRAPHIC QUESTIONS:The division structure for ARE 5.0 incorporates graphics throughout the exam through new performance item types like hot spots

based on a set of drawings

You can take both versions of the exam:
Dual delivery means that both ARE 4.0 and ARE 5.0 will be offered at the same time. Candidates who started in ARE 4.0 will have at least 18 months after the launch of ARE 5.0 to finish in that version before they are transition to ARE 5.0. However, candidates who started in ARE 4.0 will have the option to choose to start testing in ARE 5.0 anytime after it launches.
You decide when to switch from 4.0 to 5.0 (but you can never switch back)
The last day ARE 4.0 will be available in test centers is 30 June 2018. After this day, any remaining ARE 4.0 candidate will be transitioned to ARE 5.0.

They offer a ARE 5.0 Transition Calculator to see which of your existing exams map to the new 5.0 exam.

ARE 5.0 will not be easier or harder than ARE 4.0. It is going to be different.

The rolling clock is still in effect:
Before you can decide on how you should test going forward, you need to review your Rolling Clock dates. ARE 4.0 division expiration dates based on the Rolling Clock will remain in effect for the transition to ARE 5.0. The earliest expiration date of any ARE 4.0 division(s) used to create an ARE 5.0 credit will be applied to the credit.

Keep testing in ARE 4.0! The average candidate finishes the ARE in two years—meaning most candidates currently testing will be done with ARE 4.0 before ARE 5.0 even launches.

focus on passing three critical divisions in ARE 4.0
Construction Documents & Services
Programming Planning & Practice
Site Planning & Design
equate to 4 version 5.0 exams

If you pass these three divisions in ARE 4.0, you will only need to take two additional divisions in ARE 5.0

you could finish the ARE in only five divisions

SEE: http://www.ncarb.org/ARE/~/media/Files/PDF/Brochure/ARE5_CreditModel.ashx

WHY THE NEW UPDATE? Why are they doing this to me?!
The Council updates the exam every 6-10 years to ensure that it aligns with current practice.

These divisions are a change from the current seven division structure in an effort to align the divisions of the ARE with the more commonly defined professional architecture activities of practice management, project management, and project design.

The proposed direction for ARE 5.0 was informed by:
Multi-year efforts by the Research & Development Subcommittee with additional support from the Graphics Grading Subcommittee
Expert psychometric advice
Research conducted by a multi-disciplinary staff project team
Emerging technology, including interviews of industry leaders
Results of the 2012 NCARB Practice Analysis of Architecture

Mid 2016: Release of ARE 5.0 study materials and final examination details
Late 2016: Launch of ARE 5.0 in
June 30, 2018: ARE 4.0 is retired


ARE 5.0 Home Page

ARE 5.0 Test Specification

ARE 5.0 Transition Plan

Timeline to ARE 5.0

ARE 5.0 FAQs

Transition Plan

Credit Model

ARE 5.0 Transition Calculator

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