ARE 5.0 is coming later this year. So Eric recently visited the NCARB offices to learn all about it. And he’s here to spill the beans…

Eric spent an action packed two days with NCARB a couple of weeks ago to learn all about 5.0 including the new format and the 4.0 transition plan. Tune in as we discuss the highlights of what Eric learned over the two days.

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Show Notes:

NCARB’s new 5.0 ARE Exams:

a. Practice Management – PracMan5.0
b. Project Management – ProMan5.0
c. Programming & Analysis – P+A5.0
d. Project Planning & Design – PP+D5.0
e. Project Development & Documentation – PD+D5.0
f. Construction & Evaluation – C+E5.0
two types of questions:
Understand and Apply: U/A
Analyze and Evaluate: A/E
NOTE the use of words: evaluate, analyze, determine, detail, create

This is a fundamental change in how you’re being tested


New exam really follows the phases of construction:
c. Programming & Analysis is PROGRAMMING
d. Project Planning & Design is SD and part of DD
e. Project Development & Documentation is part of DD and CDs
f. Construction & Evaluation is CA

what this means for the questions: really about the scale of the drawings (programming is 1/16” and Construction is 1” or bigger)
practice focus
for example: what is the impact on the project of switching from a fasttrak to a DBB process?

NCARB expects that pass rates will go up with the new exam (since it applies to real practice now)

sustainability has been woven into all sections (yay!)

no vignettes: instead, the entire exam consists of “problems” and many are hot spots (click on the thing) and drag in place (drag this to the right spot) types
(and, of course, plenty of questions in the old fashioned multiple choice format)

  • how the exam developed
  • rewrite all old questions
  • doubled with new questions
  • taxonomy of questions
  • no curve
  • equator questions
  • not dynamically generated exams: 4 set bundles of questions for each division
    This is why you can’t take the exam more than 3x a year (there are only 4 versions)
  • The Prometric testing centers contract has been renewed to 2020


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