Make a plan to pass all of your exams within a year!

Our FastTrack Coaching Program is a virtual study group with candidates from across the country who all follow the same daily study plan. The group shares their questions, concerns and insights together on our weekly calls and daily on our Slack channel.

It’s included in our Platinum Program and prepares you to think like an Architect so you can pass these exams with confidence.

We launched this group after talking with thousands of candidates to help them pass their exams. Our approach is to listen to the individual fears of each candidate and help them find ways to focus and apply their knowledge. To date we’ve coached thousands of candidates and see a whopping 95% rate of improvement!

Whether you’re just starting your exams, or have been fighting time and the rolling clock, this virtual group coaching program will help you get on track to study properly, get into the right mindset, and pass your exams.

If you’re seriously committed to passing all 6 divisions of the ARE this year, and receptive to our coaching advice, then this group is for you. If you’ve tried and failed some exams, but determined and willing to try a new approach, then this group is for you. If you’re struggling to understand the questions and overthink the answers, then this group is for you.

Studying for the Architect Registration Exam (ARE) can be a lonely process! Your co-workers are little help, and your non-architect friends and family don’t understand. For most people, it’s not the content that holds them back, but getting in the right mindset to figure out how to apply that knowledge. Join our Platinum members to gain insight, clarity and confidence to achieve your goal.

Join the weekly calls for direct access to David and Eric to discuss critical topics. Get access to our course videos and resources. Post your questions on our Slack channel to the entire group to eliminate doubt. Follow our 6-week study plan, and you’ll be ready to confidently sit for each exam at the end of the 6 weeks. Join Platinum today and get unlimited coaching so you can take all 6 Exams within a year!

We’re with you every step of the way.

Tuesday Evening Calls: 5pm (PT) | 8pm (ET)



Become motivated (and stay motivated) to finish

Hone in on areas of weakness or uncertainty

Get a clear, focused daily study plan to follow for 6 weeks

Overcome the anxiety and fear of the Exam

Learn special tips and tricks to help you pass

Don’t feel so alone in the process


New groups begin on the first Monday every month!


6 Groups for each Exam Division

Join our 8 Week Coaching Program!

Study plan runs September 5th – October 16th

Zoom calls on Tuesdays, 5pm PT / 8pm ET

Daily Slack Updates, Recorded Lectures, Live Weekly Calls, & more!

*DOES NOT include the Study Package.
Study Package MUST be purchased SEPARATELY.



Co-Founder, Architect Exam Prep

David has worked with hundreds of candidates for both the ARE and the California Supplemental Exams and helped them pass their exams through his popular workshops.  He knows how to make the information come to life and stick in your brain so you can apply it.


Co-Founder, Architect Exam Prep

Eric has worked with thousands of ARE candidates and helped them pass.  He knows that everyone learns and studies in a different way and part of the key to success is finding the right approach for you.


Weekly group calls on Tuesday evenings. Listen by phone or online

Open to anyone, regardless of experience with the ARE

Six weekly on-demand video lectures

Know what to study EACH DAY with our unique Study Plan for each division

Pair with our incredible Study Materials!

Exclusive access to our private Slack workspace for questions anytime!


Coaching Course Lecture Topics:

Lecture #1
Overview of the ARE Exam and the secret testing methodology NCARB uses to test you on your judgment.

Lecture #2
Discussion of how to restructure your Mindset and approach to the exams, including our “Three Agreements” approach.

Lecture #3
A reexamination of how you need to look at the Roles & Responsibilities of the Three Parties.

Lecture #4
A new way to look at the codes and understand how to apply them to the exam (and your work).

Lecture #5
A deep dive into the way the questions are structured, how to approach each, and how to master understanding them.

Lecture #6
How to design a time management strategy to finish the test with time to review.

all this plus weekly live Zoom calls!

2022 Group Coaching Dates:

Study plan runs January 10th – February 13th

Study plan runs February 7th – March 20th

MARCH 2022
Study plan runs March 7th – April 17th

APRIL 2022
Study plan runs April 4th – May 15th

MAY 2022
Study plan runs May 2nd – June 12th

JUNE 2022
Study plan runs June 6th – July 19th

JULY 2022
Study plan runs July 4th – August 14th

Study plan runs August 1st – September 11th

Study plan runs September 5th – October 16th

Study plan runs October 3rd – November 13th

Study plan runs November 7th – December 18th

Study plan runs December 5th – January 15th, 2023