Can I really make a difference by becoming an Architect?

Join Eric and I as we discuss how you can utilize your architecture training, degree, and experience to make the world a better place, one small step at a time.

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Show Notes:

5 things you should do in your firm right now:

1. Schedule a series of Lunch and Learns with Manufacturers of green building products and systems
2. Order samples of green building materials for the office library
3. Invite guest consultants and lecturers to present to the firm (or present your own enthusiasm to your colleagues)
4. Take the initiative to fill out the LEED checklist for your projects to see if that sparks a conversation with the project team or Client
5. Contact a solar company to get quotes and financing options for putting solar on your projects (with a goal of net zero energy for all).


* Uncovering hidden needs
* Changing the course of your projects
* Find new problems to solve for your Client
* Scare off the wrong clients (and attract the right ones)
* Be the first at something (1st LEED Certified, 1st Net Zero, 1st in your State)
* Finding untapped clients – who is under-represented?
* Not following the money – sometimes the main beneficiary of the project is not who will pay for your time
* Collaborations – every project is a potential collaboration
* Volunteering – be strategic with how you donate your time
* Mention the Unmentionable – raise the issues no one else is mentioning to spark a discussion

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