Platinum Pass Guarantee + Extensions

If you commit to us, we commit to you!

With our Platinum Pass Guarantee, we’ll guarantee you pass in a year using our incredible program.

Here’s how it works:

  • Our Platinum Program provides full access to coaching and materials for one year
  • One year clock officially begins at date of your purchase
  • Sit for 6 exams within 1 year (exams taken must be inside the Program including retakes)
  • If you take 6 exams, we’ll give you another 6 months of access for free and get you over that finish line

So if you follow our program, we are sticking with you until you’re done.
If you do not follow the program, we will ask you to renew at the end of a year.

You get one year of unlimited access to our online portal, Zoom calls, and Slack channels. This access lasts for one year.

After a year, your access will automatically expire (we do not auto-renew anyone).

In order to maintain access, you need to either:

  • Get a Free Extension: email us with evidence of taking 6 exams in the past year and you get a FREE extension, OR;
  • Renew with an Extension (Monthly, 6, or 12 month options available): follow the links below to purchase your extension.

If you followed our plan and sat for 6 exams within the one-year period, but still haven’t passed all six exams, we’ll give you an additional 6 months of access for free.

Just email us a copy of your NCARB score report showing the dates of all exams taken.

Well, then you would not qualify for a free extension and would need to purchase a renewal (monthly, 6, or 12 months).  

You can purchase a renewal (monthly, 6, or 12 months).  

Of course! We want you to pass and want you to keep taking tests. Retakes count.

Um… no. If you did, you wouldn’t need more time, right?
To qualify for the Platinum Pass Guarantee, you must have sat for six exams in a 12-month period.

There are no exceptions. We show up every day for you in the coaching. If you can’t show up to follow our plan and take six exams, you’re not taking this process seriously.  Let’s instead focus on getting you back on track to finish within this extension.  Use this time to finally finish. We’ll help you!

Sadly, no.  We initially launched Platinum with downloadable study packages.  Those who purchased prior to 2022 still have those packages and those files never expire.  We hope you live a long life and you can enjoy those files you downloaded for the rest of it.

In 2021 we announced that starting in 2022, Platinum access to the coaching would expire after a year when we transitioned to our online platform.  We also launched the Guarantee such that if you followed our program, we’d extend your time for free.  This was openly discussed on Slack, on the Zoom calls, and in our webinars, as well as on our website.  If you weren’t paying attention or were confused, don’t worry!  We made the renewal ridiculously cheap (~45% off!)