8 Steps to Get You On Your Way…

We have put together the following steps to help you get started with the material contained within the Ultimate Whole Enchilada . Consider this your road map to help you get started.

STEP 1 – Downloading the Files

This is a little bit of an exercise in file management, but if you follow the instructions, we promise to get you well on your way. Please be sure to download ALL of the files and SAVE them on YOUR COMPUTER. The link you were given to download the materials WILL EXPIRE IN 24 HOURS, so be sure to download within that timeframe. If you are unable to do that, send an email to support@architectexamprep.com and we will resend the link (allow 24 hours for a response).

EXPIRED LINK: If you get an expired link (it happens when candidates get so giddy, they keep clicking the download link), send an email to support@architectexamprep.com and we can reactivate the link for you. Please allow 24 hours for the link to be resent to you.

Tips to help you in downloading the files:

  • Please save the files in a directory on your computer where you can access them after they are downloaded on to your computer.
  • The files are very large, over 500 MB combined. Please make sure to allow time to download. Depending on your connection, it can take anywhere from 5 – 20 minutes to download all of the files.
  • Be sure to select the computer where you would like the files to live and interface with itunes, i.e. if you plan on using at home, than we recommend downloading all of the files at home opposed to the office.
  • You will need to UNZIP all of the files. We have prepared a short video tutorial in STEP 6 to show you how to manage that process.

STEP 2 – Unzip All of the Files

In this step, we need to UNZIP all of the files. We recommend using WinZip for PC (free) and simply double clicking the files on a Mac.

STEP 3 – Download Adobe Acrobat Reader

The next step is to download the latest Version of Adobe Acrobat Reader (free here).

NOTE: This Step is the biggest source of confusion for candidates because of failure to read and follow the steps contained in STEP 3. This process is quite simple, if you read and follow the directions below.

If you’re having trouble opening the files or printing the files, this Step will resolve your issue, provided you read and follow it exactly. Here are the steps to properly open and print the documents:

  1. DOWNLOAD latest version of the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader if you haven’t already done so. (For your desktop, laptop, iPad or other mobile device.)
  2. OPEN Adobe Acrobat Reader (do not just double click the .pdf file to open because it will open in Preview instead).
  3. Once Adobe Acrobat Reader is open, click on File and find the location where you put your .pdf files and select them.
  4. ENTER the password provided and file will open and you will be able to successfully print the files.

PASSWORDS: Rest assured you have the correct passwords and if you follow the steps above, they will open the files.

BLUEBEAM USERS: Bluebeam may work with your files, but we have saved the .pdf documents using Adobe Acrobat and the files are guaranteed to work with the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

MOBILE USERS: We recommend the Foxit App for opening these files on your mobile devices.

You will need to use either iTunes or Dropbox to view our materials on your mobile device. Please refer to complete Step By Step instructions for this process by clicking Transferring the PDF files to your iOS Devices.

STEP 4 – Print the Study Guide

For the next step, we recommend printing the Study Guide and the 3 Case Study Guide. We suggest printing them double sided (it works in black and white or in color). We also recommend using a three hole punch and putting the guides in a three ring binder. Also be sure to check out the short Study Guide Video Tutorial in Step 7.

STEP 5 – Print the Flashcards

Be sure to check out the short video tutorial below that show you how to print the Flashcards. Each division typically contains 240 Flashcards broken down into 6 questions per sheet. They are awesome, but it’s going to take a little work to print and trim them, but rest assured the effort will be worth it. They are an excellent study tool.

We recommend using 65 lb. cardstock paper, just be sure it is compatible with your printer. We recommend using Adobe Acrobat Reader to print these. Once you OPEN the file, you can select FILE then PRINT which will bring up the print dialog box. Under Print Range, select the dropdown and choose “PRINT ODD PAGES” in the printer dialog box, and print all of the ODD pages (which are the questions) on the front of the cards. Then you will flip over the card stock and select “PRINT EVEN PAGES” and it will print the EVEN pages (which are the answers) on the back of the cards.

We highly recommend testing your printer and settings and playing with the even and odd settings before running through a whole category.

Once you have the cards printed out, you can trim them using the old faithful X-Acto knife and straightedge or buy one of these cool small paper trimmers (we have one in the office and we’re always trimming something with it as it is very handy).  We’ve also designed them to work with standard Avery Cards (#16110/80505).  They’re perforated, but you’d still have to cut them in half.

STEP 6 – Quick Tour of the Study Guide

The Study Guide is an interactive digital file complete with bookmarks to allow you to jump to a specific module or section. This quick video tutorial will show you how to take maximum advantage of the Study Guide in digital format.

STEP 7 – Add Audio Files to iTunes Library

Alright, we’re almost done.

In this step we are going to add all of the audio companion files to your iTunes library. It’s not necessary to have iTunes to listen to the audio files.  Any mp3 player will work.  But iTunes allows you to sync the files with your iPhone, iPod, or other portable device player.

Each division has around 25-30 individual .mp3 files.  We recorded one file for each section to allow you to jump around (but you’re going to listen to ALL of them, right?!).

We also took it one step further and tagged and labelled each file with the correct category and artwork, for each of the modules. So you essentially have an album per module, and each album contains the relevant tracks. It’s a pretty cool setup and we’re really proud of the audio companion because it is very slick and user friendly.

You will need to import all of the files into your iTunes library by opening iTunes, clicking the FILE tab, then clicking ADD FILES TO LIBRARY, and selecting the files. Repeat that process for each of the modules. Once you do that, they will appear in your iTunes library along with the rest of your albums and you can now sync to your iPhone, iPod, or other mp3 player. See?! We told you it was pretty cool.

We’ve also prepare the short video below to show you how to import the files into iTunes:

STEP 8 – Access to OMCES

30 Day Access to our Online Multiple Choice Exam Simulator (OMCES) is included with the Ultimate Whole Enchilada. These are separate and you must notify us when you are ready to begin access.

Simply send an email to support@architectexamprep.com and your account will be set up within 24 hours.

Please send the email only when you are ready for access to begin as your account will be set up within 24 hours of receipt of your email.

Enjoy OMCES!

Problems, Questions, Feedback

Expired Link:  If you get the expired link message when trying to download the materials, don’t panic. Simply send an email to support@architectexamprep.com and we will resend the link. Please allow 24 hours for the link to be resent.

OMCES Account Setup:  When you are ready to begin your 30 Day Access to Omces, send an email to support@architectexamprep.com and we will set your account up. Please allow 24 hours for the account to be set up.

OMCES Account Locked:  If your account becomes locked, it is probably because the system has recognized logins from too many IP addresses (usually more than 3). If that happens, simply send an email to support@architectexamprep.com with an explanation for the multiple IP addresses and we will unlock your account within 24 hours of receiving your email.

If you’re still feeling lost or unmotivated:  Schedule a free call with Eric for a quick chat about how to best get you on track.