Here is a list of the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). Please be sure to read through these before sending us an email because chances are, you’ll find your answer below.

General Questions

1. Q. Your materials look awesome but I only want to purchase the Audio Companion, can I do that? OR I love your Exam Simulator and Video Vignette Program, can I purchase them separately?

A. Our goal is to give candidates the best chance to pass the ARE, so we set out to create the most comprehensive program covering BOTH the multiple choice sections and graphic portions of the exams. As a result, we created the Ultimate Whole Enchilada and when used in its complete form, i.e. the entire package together, it greatly increases a candidate’s understanding of the material required by NCARB. For that reason, we only offer the materials as a complete package because we want you to pass! Plus the entire package is less expensive than many of the individual components sold by others.

2. Q. What are the format of the files? How do I access the files?

A. The Ultimate Whole Enchilada consists of .pdf files (guides and flashcards) and .mp3 files (audio companion). Once you complete your purchase, you will be sent an email with a link to a special download page. You will then see the files to download as well as special passwords that you will need to open the files. The audio companion files are High Quality .MP3 files playable on any .MP3 player.

3. Q. What are the sizes of the files? Is it going to take a long time to download?

A. The file size of the Ultimate Whole Enchilada varies based upon Division. In general, the total file size will be around 500 Megabytes (MB). These files are large and you will need to allow 5-20 minutes to download all of the files.

4. Q. How many attempts do I get to download the material. Can I download on my home computer, office computer, and laptop?

A. You are allowed 3 attempts to download the material and have 24 hours to complete your download once your purchase has been made. Yes, you can download to any computer you choose. Once downloaded you can transfer the files to another computer using a portable hard drive, google drive or dropbox. The best way to transfer to another computer is via portable hard drive because of the large file size.

5. Q. Can I share these files with my study partner or co-worker?

A. In short, No. The Ultimate Whole Enchilada is 100% digital content. Candidates are granted a limited, non-transferrable, revocable license to access and make personal, non-commercial, use of the Digital Content provided by including the Ultimate Whole Enchilada and its related files. You are allowed to print one copy of the material for your own personal use.

6. Q. Do you provide hardcopies of the material?

A. No. The Ultimate Whole Enchilada is only available in 100% digital content form. You are allowed to print one copy of the material for your own personal use.

Questions About the .PDF Files

7. Q. How do I access the .PDF files?

The .pdf files are secured and password protected and can be opened with the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader. We’ve been told that the files also work in Bluebeam, but we only guarantee the files will work with the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader. Be sure to open all of the files through Adobe Acrobat Reader, opposed to just double clicking them.

8. Q. Can I access the .PDF files on my iPad or other mobile device?

Yes. You will need to use Adobe Acrobat Reader. Other apps such as Goodreader will not work because of the password security associated with the files. You must use Adobe Acrobat Reader which is available for free in the App Store.

Questions About Audio Files

9. Q. What is the format of the audio files?

The audio files are .mp3 format and can be played in any .mp3 player.

10. Q. Can I “burn” the audio files to a CD so I can listen in the car?

Yes. You can use whatever software you use to normally burn .mp3 to a CD and enjoy David’s voice in the comfort of your car.

Questions About the 30 Day Access to OMCES and Video Vignettes

11. Q. How do I obtain 30 Day access to OMCES or the Video Vignettes?

When you are ready, please send an email to requesting OMCES and/or Video Vignette access and be sure to indicate which Division. Your account will be setup within 24 hours.

12. Q. How long will it take before my account is set up?

Please ALLOW 24 Hours for ALL requests to activate OMCES or Video Vignettes.

13. Q. Does the 30 day access begin when I purchase the product?

No. 30 day access only begins AFTER you have emailed to request your account to be setup.

14. Q. Does access begin when I LOG IN for the first time?

No. 30 day access begins as soon as your account is SET UP (within 24 hours of you sending an email) so only request access when YOU ARE READY for it.

15. Q. Can I request 30 day access to OMCES only and request 30 day access to the Video Vignettes at a later time?

Yes. OMCES and Video Vignettes are separate products so you can request access at different times, or if you would like to access both at the same time, be sure to specify both when you email to setup your 30 day access.

16. Q. Does the 30 day access mean I can log in 30 times or I have 30 days access?

Once your account is setup (within 24 hours of you requesting access), you will have 30 continuous days to access either OMCES or the video vignettes. You can access it as many times as you would like in that 30 days.

17. Q. Is the 30 day access continuous?

Yes. Once your account is setup, you will have a continuous 30 day access.

18. Q. Can I put the 30 day access on hold after it has been set up?

No. Unfortunately we cannot put a hold on the 30 day access once the account is set up. Only request access when YOU ARE READY for it because once it is set up, it will run for 30 continuous days.

19. Q. What if I need more time, can I get it?

Yes. You can purchase an additional 30 day access to either OMCES and the Video Vignettes for $29.95. If you would like to purchase additional access to both OMCES and Video Vignettes, it would be $29.95 x 2. Simply send an email to requesting a special link be sent to you for purchasing additional time. Please specify which product and Division you would like an additional 30 day access to.


20. Q. I just downloaded the Ultimate Whole Enchilada and the Study Guide will not open. I receive an error message after I enter the password “bad encrypt dictionary.” What should I do?

A. Ah, the dreaded “bad encrypt dictionary.” All that means is you have an older version of Adobe Acrobat Reader. Please download the latest version of the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader Once you download and install it, you will be able to open the .pdf files with the password provided when you originally purchased the Ultimate Whole Enchilada.

21. Q. I tried to download the material on the download page but it says the link expired. Please Help!

A. Breathe. You are allowed three attempts to download the material. In most instances, you will be successful on the first attempt. However, technology can be fussy, so if you do get the “link expired” message, send  an email to and we will send you a link within 24 hours. Also please let us know if you have made any attempts or what had occurred prior to getting the “link expired” message.

22. Q. I have a problem but I don’t see an answer here. What should I do?

A. Breathe again. Please send an email to and we will respond within 24 Hours. Remember technology is awesome when it works but hiccups do occur and we will do our best to resolve any issue you are having.