There’s still time!!  Become eligible for ARE 4.0 by October 31, 2016 to take advantage of the 5.0 Transition Plan!!

If you’ve heard of the transition plan from ARE 4.0 to 5.0, then you know if you play your cards strategically, you could finish the ARE’s in only 5 exams.  Since NCARB announced the launch date of ARE 5.0 (November 1, 2016 in case you missed it), there has been a lot of talk about if you can still register for 4.0 if you haven’t started testing yet.  Well, I have some good news to share… the answer is YES!  But, like all late night infomercials, you must act fast to take advantage of this amazing offer!

NCARB announced in their new publication “Your Guide to ARE 5.0” that candidates who have not yet begun testing in 4.0 can still take advantage of the transition plan to 5.0 if they have their eligibility to test by October 31, 2016.  This means there is still time to register in 4.0 so long as you get your eligibility to test before 5.0 officially launches on November 1, 2016.  Keep in mind it does take some time to process your registration before you are officially authorized to begin testing, so I would recommend to jump on this now… don’t wait until Halloween to sign up if you want to try the transition plan.

For more information, you can download the 5.0 Guide PDF here:

Good luck and happy testing!!