Maybe you’re not able to find a full time job. Or maybe you’re looking for a change. Whatever your reason, you might want to consider a new role as a Consultant. You can become a valuable asset to several firms at one time and add more variety to your workload.

It could be an alternative career path or a way to find some work and pay the bills in between full time jobs. Becoming a Consultant can be a rewarding move but it isn’t for everyone. In this episode, we discuss who might fit the consultant mold as well as discuss the advantages and disadvantages. If you’ve ever considered the consultant path, this is the episode for you!

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Show Notes:


If you can’t find full time work, or find the right firm to call home, perhaps this is a way to make money while you find the perfect job

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5 strategies to try

1. Make a list of skills you can do that would be useful to others.

2. List of firms you know or admire that would benefit from these skills.  Ask for projects you can consult on. Why this benefits the firm more than you realize (don’t have to hire a FT person with benefits)

3. Price accordingly – know how they will bill you out – 3x rate and you’ll have to take out taxes

4. RFPs to find projects and bring them to other firms list of cities, look for OPPORTUNITIES or WORKING WITH THE CITY.

5. If you have a full time job and curious about the consulting path, try the 1 day a week.

Online resources for RFP/public bidding

RFP Search Sites

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