5 Super Duper Tips for the Structural Layout Vignette – SS

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The Structural Systems exam can be daunting - but on the plus side there is only one vignette to solve.  The Structural Layout vignette is fairly straight forward and should have a straight forward, simple solution to match. For this vignette, you will need to design the layout for the structural system of a simple building - [...]

Episode 13: 8 Tips To Help You Land Your First Job In An Architecture Firm [Podcast]

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You're in the process of looking for your first real job in an architecture office. You're nervous and may have a feeling of being overwhelmed at the whole process. Well have no fear, Eric and I are here to share our thoughts and experiences, both as an employee and an employer. Eric and I each have over 25 years of experience (that's 50 years for the math wizards) in the architecture profession and we have both been on the side of the employee trying to get the job and the employer having to sift through a pile of resumes to find qualified candidates. We discuss 8 Tips that will help you land your first real architecture job.

7 Steps On Your Final Road To Licensure

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It's been a long road for you to get to this point. And you can see the light at the end of the tunnel. These 7 Steps will help you finalize your road map as you head into the homestretch for taking and completing the Architect Registration Exam. Links mentioned in this Video Tip STEP 1: NCARB [...]

5 Awesome Tips For the Building Section Vignette – CDS

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For Construction Documents & Services, one of the seven divisions of the Architect Registration Exam administered by NCARB, you are only required to complete one vignette – the Building Section vignette.  However, much like the Site Zoning vignette in Programming, Planning and Practice, this vignette has only ONE correct solution, so pay attention! In the Building Section Vignette, [...]

Episode 12: Living Building Challenge [Podcast]

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Our very own, Eric Corey Freed made a major career move recently and began working with the Living Future Institute because, well, he wants to live in the future. Eric made a major career move last September which also brought him to Portland Oregon. He is now working on what he considers his dream job at the Living Future Institute and heavily involved in the Living Building Challenge. We discuss the benefits of the Living Building Challenge and how there is nothing else like it.

5 Important Tips For the Site Zoning Vignette – PPP

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The Programming, Planning and Practice exam, part of Architect Registration Exam has only one vignette to solve – the Site Zoning vignette.  There is one key thing to remember when going in to this exam… this vignette has only ONE correct solution, so pay attention! In the Site Zoning Vignette, you will be required to develop [...]

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