Episode 10: How To Become An Entrepreneur Architect [Podcast]

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We've all felt the urge at one time or another to say "screw this job I'm going out on my own." But without a carefully laid out plan and clear vision of what lies ahead, we could be doomed before we get started. That's why we interviewed Mark R. LePage, the Entrepreneur Architect to avoid all of those mistakes.

Do I need to complete IDP before I can sit for the ARE?

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So you wanna be a Rock Star. You're ready to enroll in IDP AND start taking the Architect Registration Exam simultaneously. Bravo! But wait... Most candidates assume they must complete their IDP (Intern Development Program administered by NCARB) before they can sit for the Architect Registration Exam (ARE). But wouldn’t it be great if you could [...]

Episode 9: So You Wanna Call Yourself an Architect? [Podcast]

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The use of the term "Architect" has garnered a lot of attention lately. Some say it's misused, others say Architects are too protective of the term and should focus on issues that matter. We've put together a panel for today's discussion including Stephen Hopkins, a recovering Architect, Brandon Kent, a designer in San Francisco, Evan Troxel, host of Archispeak Podcast, and our own Eric Corey Freed. We discuss Stephen and Brandon's article called "Daniel Libeskind is No Architect." We also discuss the legalities of practicing architecture and the perception of the word Architect in global marketplace.

Episode 8: Dear Christine, The Profession Of Architecture Doesn’t Suck [Podcast]

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There was an article published a few months ago called "Why I Left the Architecture Profession" that started a bit of controversy in the architecture community. Is there merit in the article? Or is it all hogwash? We discuss the article written by Christine Outram that appeared in archdaily last fall called "Why I Left The Architecture Profession."

Be Sure To Bring a Valid ID to the Testing Center

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Get all of your ducks in a row before the big day of taking an Exam for the Architect Registration Exam. In this video, I talk about the most important "duck" to have lined up before arriving at the Testing Center.  Please Subscribe To Our YouTube Channel Receive automatic updates when you subscribe below! Click here [...]

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